Pure & Simple - inspired by ‘The English Patient’

Pure & Simple - inspired by ‘The English Patient’

This necklace was in part inspired by the book/film ‘The English Patient’.

Part of the love story mentions “that hollow at the base of a woman’s neck? At the front. Here. What is it, does it have an official name?”

Well, it does have a name - although it’s not awfully romantic sounding - it’s called the ‘suprasternal notch’ So, with that in mind, this delicate neckline-skimming piece is designed to sit just at that point.

This is a wonderful addition to your summer look, light, bright and feminine.

The lightweight 16” chain is made with a fine, diamond cut curb chain which catches the light beautifully.

The focal point is three small Sterling Silver spheres (it reminds me of a mini Newton’s Cradle!)

The piece comes presented within a ribbon tied gift box and comes with its own mini polishing cloth to help you keep it looking perfect.

If you haven’t already, I can highly recommend reading this wonderful story - I loved it!