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Looking after your jewellery...


All of our pieces have been made with high quality materials and attention to detail.  Here are some tips to help you make sure your jewellery stays looking at its best.

  • Substances like hairspray and perfume can coat the delicate pieces and cause the colour and sparkle to dull. 


  • Use a soft cloth to remove any build up - you'll be amazed how this simple step can put the sparkle back into a Swarovski piece.  Earrings especially benefit from this process as they can 'dull' just from the oils in our skin and hair.


  • Sterling Silver is actually very easy to look after.  When worn regularly it maintains its beautiful bright tones.  As before, if it does become dull, use either a soft cloth or a silver polishing cloth to bring it back to it's full glory.


  • Pearls love to be worn as they need the oils from our skin to help maintain their lustre.  You can genuinely tell if a set of pearls have been worn or not just by feeling them!


Please do get in touch if you ever have any questions

about how to look after your Made by Plumb piece