My inspirational Red Ruby an my Dd

Thank you so much for taking some time out to look at my work.


I was around 6 years old when I fell in love with gems and jewellery.  One Saturday morning I was helping my dad, digging in the garden when we came across an old, faceted stone.  It was a beautiful Ruby colour and I was convinced I had found real treasure! 


It was that day that my life long passion was born and my jewellery journey commenced. 


I spent my childhood years with my head buried in books about jewellery making, gems, beads and art - I was hooked!


My Inspiration...

I am truly inspired by the beauty of Human Nature and am constantly striving to capture that feeling within the pieces I make.  


I love creating a real connection between the piece and the wearer.  I strongly believe that the  tactile connection a wearer can feel to a special piece of jewellery can be incredibly powerful.


Whether it is love, friendship, a memorial piece, a reminder of an aspiration or dream, I want to capture that feeling within a piece of jewellery that can be worn as an anchor to be treasured.



My Philosophy...
My work bench

When working on a design, the main inspiration is always Love.


I want the wearer to really feel the love and care that has been given to every aspect of the piece - the design, chosen materials, the look in the sunlight and feel against your skin.


The stones are chosen, not only for their physical beauty but their feel, their energy and character.


For that extra special touch, many pieces can be personalised with initials, names or birthstones.  


As well as celebrating new arrivals, I am also able to create memorial pieces where a gentle, more subtle approach is needed.